Mehandi Article (Process of making cone,mehandi paste,mehandi powder,chopa and method of applying mehandi)

Process of applying mehandi

How to make Mehandi Powder?

Mehandi powder can be made by oneself. For making mehandi powder, mehandi leaves should be properly dried and then powder can be made easily from it. The prepared mehandi powder should be sieved through the nylon cloth. Also mehandi powder can be easily bought from the market instead of preparing it at home.

How to make Mehandi Paste?

For making mehandi paste, a big bowl is required. Take a big bowl and add mehandi powder and small amount of mehandi oil to it. Then with the help of water make a thick mehandi paste and leave it free for 1 to 2 hours.

How to make Chopa (paste of sugar and lemon)?

Take a small bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and juice of half lemon to it. This paste is called Chopa, in hindi language. Chopa is used to keep mehandi wet and intact on the skin.

How to make Cone for applying mehandi on hand?

Cone can be made either from the sheet of plastic or from saree packing paper or from gift paper. For making cone, plastic should be cut in the shape of a rectangle of 6 by 4 inches. Then with great care the shape of cone is given to the plastic and a tape is stuck to it so that the shaped cone remains as it is. With a teaspoon fill in mehandi paste which should not be more than 3/4th of the cone. Then with the help of a ruffle or rubber band or tape close the end side of it.

Method of putting mehandi on one’s hands or legs

First of all in whichever hand mehandi is being applied, clean it with mehandi oil by using clean cotton. Then with the help of cone put mehandi on that hand. While putting mehandi, one should pay attention that mehandi should be wet enough to be intact in the place where it is being applied. After sometime when mehandi, which has been aaplied, starts drying, then the paste of sugar and lemon, ie, chopa should be applied over mehandi designs. Mehandi should be kept intact in hand for atleast 1 hour for better color.


1. Before taking out mehandi from one’s hand, oil should be necessarily put which aids in easy removal of mehandi.
2. For taking out mehandi from hand, a sharpened knife should never be used.
3. After mehandi has been removed from hand, do not wash your hand for atleast 5-6 hours for better mehandi color.